Saturday, October 17, 2009

Thank goodness for running pants!

Well, I got my first dog bite today - that's cool. Many times I've run by dogs and been a bit afraid but for no reason. Today - a little bastard scotty dog (my favorite licorice candy by the way) grabbed a chunk of my calf through my pants today - no broken skin - just bruised.

The sweet elderly lady owner (who had him on a leash) was kind enough to take a moment from her cell phone conversation to observe the situation - and did say 'sorry' - yeah nice lady - when I get my rabies shot, ER bill - I'll be thinking fondly of you. Seriously, no real harm done - just people once again at their best.

On their cell phone, not paying attention and not keeping control of clearly a very protective doggie.

I love the American public - not only do I have to worry about people driving with their cell phones but also with their dogs - brother!

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