Thursday, October 8, 2009

Leaving on a Jet Plane for Chi-town

In 5 hours our flight takes off for Chi-town. It's amazing what the taper puts you through - the self doubt - can I run that far? Can I hold that pace? What's the weather going to be like? Questions, Questions, Questions.

I realize that our house gets very different in the taper week. Jay and I turn weaker - both very strong people, we go through struggles wondering if we'll survive this round of 26.2. I called Jay a pussy this am because he's had a different ailment for the last week. He so isn't a pussy and now I feel bad for calling him that and I'm about to go apologize. I just know he is stronger than sometimes I think he knows he is.

I also need to go finish packing but I am doing my last icing before we leave. The weather is looking good - chilly but good for Sunday. Tara and I have corresponded and we'll meet in Chi-town at some point- I can't believe it's here. Seems like centuries ago I sat exactly where I am right now and hit the 'pay now' button on the registration website - that was 7 months ago.

I can't wait to see how we do on Sunday.

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