Sunday, October 4, 2009

7 days

Here I sit waiting for my sunday morning bloody mary and breakfast sandwich knowing that a week from now I will tearing up pavement in Chi-town trying to run my quickest marathon ever:
3:30 or less.

The knee pain has dissipated (THANK GOD!) and let's blame it on the introduction of new sneakers into the rotation - I mean really? Like FB said - the body craves the same thing, the same miles, the same food, the same equipment. I had to incorporate the sneakers to save the good sneakers for next week but I guess I got too carried away with just how much I wore them. The pain is pretty much gone and my legs are feeling strong. We leave in three days for Chi-town.

Hotel Bozlak is happy to have us and I'm glad to be staying with them. They are non-runners - they think our ice baths are insane (but they are required and worth it) but they are super supportive our our endeavor! Anyway, they will keep us relaxed and that's imporant. Seven more days to stay healthy, heal up and get pumped for a very big day for Jay and I.

We will be hit our goals and celebrate PR/BQ success!

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