Monday, October 12, 2009

Chicago Marathon: Newton PRs

What a day, what a race. I sit back at home and I return to the working world tomorrow after a weekend of athlete world. I couldn't be more pleased with my marathon time and I'm tremendously proud of Jay.

It feels so wonderful to be able to be so proud of the athlete's we've become. Fourteen years ago when Jay and I started dating I would have said you were nuts if you said that we'd both run sub 3:30 marathons in 14 years. It's so fun. It hurts but it's a good hurt.

I suffered during that race yesterday - man o man I suffered. I definitely didn't have 'fun' but after taking a post marathon survey I signed up for, I realized I don't do marathons for fun. I do marathons for the challenge and for the personal achievement. I did it to push myself to the limit - to see how I do - do I improve? Do I hurt more? Less? Do I ever get used to the ice baths?

Today is Day 1 of 2 days off but then the slow recovery runs come back and Sunday we'll be on the road to support Hank and THC will be reunited.

I had fun in athlete world - Chicago Marathon 2009, 3:25:37.

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