Sunday, October 25, 2009

Prying the animal out of the cage

After the night of Mill Cities, I talked with the Professor of what my next running goal should be. I mentioned I had given some thought of qualifying for NYC marathon via half marathon - possibly for next spring. He said I should try to get it now but to see how the week went. Well, now the idea was in my head.

I did the research on the race, the course, emailed with the race director. The course for the Maine Coast Half marathon is not too hilly but not flat but worth the shot. By Friday, I still hadn't heard back from the Prof with this blessing - so I left him a voicemail. As Jay and I waited at TGI Fridays (which we were only there because we had a gift certificate), I got the schedule and it called for 12 miles with tempo work the next day and what did I think (said the Prof)?

I said - done deal - I'm in.

I woke up Saturday with Day #1 of the mystery illness feeling - pretty achy and it was POURING. Jay and Hank had an easy run so I was on my own for most of it.

At the start of the speedwork I thought - Oh man, I cannot do this - my endurance and pizzazz had gone into hibernation. However, that was a very quick thought and I pushed on through. It was a back and forth - I felt great all of a sudden, then bad, the great, still great, then bad, but overall, it was a pretty powerful run.

I sent my splits to the Prof and he didn't argue - while I went to lay down because I was feeling like such crap - Jay registered me and now I'm officially back into hardcore training for the next two weeks.

Today was 6 miles with Jay - and I wanted to keep my base pace up - we registered an 8;15/mile average - pretty good. I'm ready - 2 weeks to go.

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