Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Last Track work out: FB is the man

It's kinda crazy - last track workout complete. It was short and I still look at the pace and think - ugh - that's going to be so fast - but I couldn't slow down at times to actually GET to the goal pace 'LIKE'.

It was an odd track though because we started earlier, I ran alone and there were still people working out when I left - kinda felt like a slacker! However, it was really cool to walk by the track with all of the runners and shouting "Go GOONS" and a bunch of my fellow Goons shouted back.

I love this group. I am so thankful to be a Goon, to have a smaller unit of the Goons, THC, and to run under the direction of Fernando Braz. What an ultimate example of class that man. Not only he is good at what he does but he is one fantastic man. I kinda wanted to give him a hug tonight but I never know how that will be received - I think he would have been fine with it.

What feels good too is that I got sleep last night, I'm not so wired and I'm truly getting so excited for Sunday. I feel so good too because Jay just told me HE is confident, HE believes he is going to do it. I needed to hear it from him because I know he can do it - I just needed him to believe it to and he does. Yay!

Tomorrow is our last run with Hank pre-Chicago - it's crazy and it's my last day of work. My phiten has take it's permanent spot on my neck - the necklace that gives strength and aids in recovery - it's not coming off until Monday.

5 days left and feeling so happy.

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