Monday, October 5, 2009

6 days and a bad night for sleep

I'm known for bombs dropping next to me and I don't move during sleep. As a matter of fact, there is documentation of me with a chef's hat, flag stuffed in my arm, peppers up my nose, sunglasses on my eyes, and a carrot hanging out of my mouth like a cigar. No, I didn't dress up like this I WAS dressed up like this while sleeping. I am gifted with good sleep- under normal conditions.

However, 7 days away from Chicago Jay and I decide to watch "Spirit of the Marathon" - a documentary focusing on people running Chicago, 2005. Awesome movie - talk about motivating! Lots of tears/excitement and emotion - maybe a bit too much excitement and emotion.

I put myself to bed at 10:30 only to be woken up by midnight by the clothes in the dryer - what? The dryer is a floor below!!! OK, I'm NOT going back to sleep - thoughts of the marathon running through my head, the same excitement while watching the movie still bilowing inside me. Oh man...I'm so not getting a good night's sleep.

So here I sit - in a sleep deprived fog today. Oh Taper - you may be one of the worst parts of marathon training for sure! A 23 mile long run didn't give me this much anxiety!

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