Saturday, January 7, 2012

Week 1 of 2012 running

Just returned from the first 'long' run of 2012 (11.6 miles).  It was with the Borderline Running Club (BRC) out of Andover.  This is a great group I run with here and there (a few of them are part of the Goon Squad and others training with Fernando my coach)- I like the concept of their club (touch all the borders of Andover Massachusetts = membership) and the people that are part of their club (varying running levels and noone taking themselves too seriously).

With today's run, I got the Haverhill and the Boxford Borders which leaves me with only two borders left (North Reading and Middleton) to become a member of the BRC - it was a great run, warm for this time of year  with  new people to talk to.  It really beat the same ol' 10 milers that are close to my house (these runs are about 1/2 hour away) and this route in particular was hilly (not my favorite but ok once and awhile) with good scenery.

I can definitely feel the ramp up of training this week.  I'm sore and need to make sure I'm doing all the right stretching and core work as I ramp things up.  I've got a nagging little ache in my calf I think residual from a tibial stress syndrome I had last year but it's nothing that is inflammed or cause for concern - just more annoying!

I have also gotten back on the wagon with better eating, less beer (this won't be eliminated all together) and no more Christmas cookies calling me from the canisters in my kitchen.  Thus far, 2012 is shaping up nicely.

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