Sunday, January 15, 2012

Week 2 of 2012 running: easing into the norm

Week 2 for sure was a better week. It's really interesting to me even when I think I'm 'resting' i.e. no speed, running about 4-5 days a week and tossing in a 5K here and there, just how 'out of shape' I get.  It's fine, I know that I need to ease off the really intense training at various times during the year, but it's funny how despite still running, your body acclimates to a less intense regimen.

This week, some lower back pain eased up, some aches reappeared in my calf - yes, things are ramping up!  It feels good though, my body is starting to feel like it's snapping back to 'normal' and I'm excited about the return to the normal routine.  I'm not excited about how cold it has become - did my 6 miles today @ 15 degree F - my legs were so red that I had what looked like a sunburn! Gotta love the winter much for skiing this winter instead of running.

Total Miles This Week: 39 miles

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