Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Plans for 2012

With the start of the new year approaching, I've started thinking about goal races.  I'm already signed up and accepted to the NYC Half Marathon and I'm really looking forward to this.   I loved the NYC marathon and am looking forward to covering some of that course again with the half.  It also beats doing the New Bedford Half- not one of my favorite courses - on the same day :)

After some 'down' time this and last month - my body is in fairly good shape.  I have some tightness in my left calf and need to really get back to being more diligent with my corework but I think overall, I'm ready to go for the spring racing season.  Most importantly, I think my mind is recovered from a fairly roller coaster year when it came to running having dealt with a substantial injury and returning from that.

I officially signed back up with Fernando to start getting my weekly schedules again and I'm excited about it and excited to focus on running again.  I'm also happy to get myself to stop snacking on all the good treats that are still lingering in the house - especially the yummy frosted anise drop cookies!

In anticipation that this year with be another big year for marathon running, I asked Fernando what my best bet was for a fall marathon or if I should even been thinking of a fall marathon at this point.  I threw out either Chicago or NYC again.  I love both of these marathons but clearly NYC is a bit more convenient.  Fernando (FB) suggested and I agree that signed up for Chicago is my best bet in an effort to come up with what I hope would be a new PR.  I'm excited to have this long term goal and to really see where I can take my running this year.

I need to remember to do all the little things though to take care of my body so it doesn't desert me during the journey.  Bottom line, I'm excited to get the 2012 running party started!

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