Thursday, July 5, 2012

Where did June go?

I clicked on this today and can't believe I didn't document anything for June - maybe because it was a busy month!

Well I decided that there is no marathon in my fall plans.  This is for many reasons.  The first is not to lose some of the speed I've gained since I've been back from my injury and the second is really - I think half marathon training affords me better balance with my work schedule which is nuts.  So right now I'm looking forward to at least 3-4 half marathons in the fall.

In the meantime, I've been building up my speed and my miles.  I continue on my quest to break 20 minutes in a 5K and came very close to doing it yesterday at a great race called the Revolution Run in Nashua New Hampshire.   Before that, it was at Roseanne's Run for a Cure in Nashua the week before.  Both were really great events and both I came in second female.  Can I complain? Not really - the first race brought me a 20:39 - a PR and considering a lot of the race was over a good deal of trail (which I don't typically run on), I was happy.  Yesterdays time was a 20:07 - oh so close but alas, I have to continue on with my quest for sub-20.  I think yesterdays race hurt more thought because as I rounded the finish, I saw the clock say "19:48" and as I crossed the line it read "19:58" - given there was a starting/finishing mat- I was sure I had made my goal.

When the times were posted, I had a 20:08 gun/20:07 net - a PR, second female and nothing to be upset about but to taste the goal but miss it was disappointing.  Now, I am looking for my next 5K!
One thing I am excited about though is that the Roseanne's run gave me a taste for the trails which I haven't really been that interested in but now I'm looking at things a bit differently.

I think running on the trials is a good opportunity for me to change things up a bit.  Those who know me well know I am a slave to routine and a schedule - I can't help it - I'm your typical Type A personality and I am that way with my running schedule/plan.  While I think it's done me a lot of good - I think it also makes me really prone to burn out and I really don't want to go there.  So I signed up for a trail race at the end of the month called "Run with the Beavers Trail Race" in Rhode Island that a friend of ours Bob Jackman is putting on.  I really wanted to support Bob's race and now I am just intrigued with the trail running.  Plus, it will be a good opportunity to see some of the Tuesday Night Turtles that I don't get to see that often or better yet, have never met.

The next race I have on tap is the Corporate Challenge in Boston next week - yeah - not a favorite and I don't love the logistics or the fact that it's probably going to be packed - but I want to support my company and get to social with my coworkers - many of whom run but usually won't run with me because I'm a bit too competitive :)  After that, I am going to scope out another 5K to continue on my quest for sub-20!

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