Friday, May 25, 2012

Toronto or no Toronto

It's in my head that I'm going to run the Scotiabank Toronto Marathon on October 14th 2012.  However, I am not signed up yet.  I'm afraid to!  The running is going really well,  I've started integrating some speedwork and haven't had an issues so when should I sign up?  I can't decide.

The last thing I want is to be signed up for a marathon, something goes wrong and all I care about it getting better to run this marathon.  However, we know they all fill up fast now so I'm paranoid to wait for that reason too.  Ok I'm just paranoid.

I'm also now a Tuesday Night Turtle! A great group out of RI that I hope to run with soon and often.  We know a few of the members and they seem like a great group!

So I will hang out on my paranoia train for awhile longer re: Toronto.....

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