Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Seemingly smooth sailing

Post NYC Half - my recovery seems on track to really return to full strength hopefully by the end of May.  It's actually scary for me - I feel nothing wrong with my leg anymore - and having felt something wrong for literally a solid year this week, it's really weird!

With each passing week, I've been increasing speed and duration (not together - except when I break the rules which although I try not to, sometimes it happens).  I  have 2 PT visits left and then my PT girl said I can likely fly away on my own back to my coach to ramp up to normal training.  Yay!

My next race is Doyle's Pub Race on 4/22.  I'm just excited for that race because I haven't done it since 2005 and it's a fun one and of course there is beer.  I'm excited to see our friends Thor and Heather that we haven't seen in awhile and just really enjoy the day.  It finally feels like things are looking up.

I'm very committed to doing all the little things to keep me healthy.  If things stay steady I hope to sign up for the Toronto Marathon in the fall as my goal marathon.  I'm taking it day by day though but it's looking like I'll make my first trip to Canada in October!

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