Friday, February 10, 2012

Sitting on the Dreaded Running Shelf

Here I sit on the running shelf.  I don't think for long but really, every day feels like an eternity.

How did I get here this time?  Well, I had never quite returned to 100% normal after my tibial stress syndrome that was born in April 2011 but had managed to pull off a few PRs despite not being 100% throughout 2011.

As mentioned previously in this blog, I took it easy in the November-December timeframe w/o issues - aside from those from just being 'lazy' i.e. running but not with any rigor, speed, appropriate cross-training.

However starting January 1, I started to amp things back up - for a few weeks they were fine but then I started to experience a nagging bruise like feeling in the same area the injury had been.    I ignored it for awhile hoping it would go away but no, it didn't and just progressively started getting worse.

Almost 2 weeks ago, I was really really trying to alleviate this issue with stretching the area (both calfs) very diligently.  Well, I overdid it and got myself a nice calf strain on top of the issue.  Well, given that it's the middle of February, I felt it more important that I heal up and right so not to blow my entire year.

Mika (chiropractor) made the assessment that my hips are weak so I've incorporated a lot of cross training exercises to try to alleviate some unnecessary pressure being put on this injured area when I run. It's improving but next day on the rounds is still to be determined.  Until then, it's elliptical city for this girl!

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