Monday, September 28, 2009

It's Taper Time again

It's that time - less than 2 weeks, the miles cut down, the hunger stays up but the eating must cut down. I just committed to no beer until the marathon is over - this will be difficult with 4 taps in the house with 4 different types of homebrew (well two are not drinkable yet but still).

I'm excited but my pessimism seeps out. What if I'm all hyped up and I blow it? What if I go in with the ego the size of the sun and get deflated? Eh, it is what it is. I really want this marathon to be Jay's big day - I want to meet him at the end when he tells me he qualified and he can share in the glory that is being a Boston Marathon qualifier. It is a nice status. He deserves it, he's work for it and he can get it - but it's all up to him on that day!

I too want the Boston marathon qualifier title again too= I know I can do it- I just hope all of the important things align so it can happen again - especially in under 3:30 :) Another Goon lady got a 3:27 in her marathon yesterday - LIKE - that's a NICE marathon PR - and I'm gonna try and go get it.

I'm prepped for all the stupid pains that come with taper oh and my new saga - my toenails cutting my toes so that the last two runs end with a bloody sock.

Ah - yes, I'm a runner. I love it.

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