Friday, September 18, 2009

Agenda for last and this weekend: Running and Eating

The last two weekends (last and this coming) when people ask me what I'm doing/what I did? Hmmm..ran and ate. This weekend is a particularly grueling one: 23 mile long run which I'm oddly looking forward to (as is Jay) and a 10K with the Goons in which FB will be there to cheer us on and (not sure if he was joking or not) take us to breakfast after.

It's our last long in the 20s - and then we go down from here. I can't believe it. As tough and tired as I feel during marathon training - I love the schedule - I love knowing that my next dose of cardio isn't far away and that I can bust out my old school paper schedule (yes, I have to keep it in my purse in paper form even though I am lucky enough to own now my second iphone since some prick stole mine from me this week) and see how long or hard I have to go.

Boston is in my head today - I want to take a break - I want to enjoy the winter and just ski - but there is an entry laying before me that I worked so hard on April 19th 2009 to get and succeeded - how do I let that go? I promised myself that I wouldn't sign up for Boston 2010 until Chicago is over but the crazy seems to have taken over today - I'm holding off but when I've got running buddy Hank encouraging it and another long distance friend already signed up - it's tough. Come April 2010 - I don't want to be standing on the sidelines with regret ....and the crazy/OCD/addiction wears on.......

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