Thursday, March 1, 2012

Making Progress

I've been in PT for just over a week now and been needled 3 times (2 X the calf and 1 X in the glute).  Things are improving although I think yesterdays calf needling was particularly intense.  This is in anticipation of my half marathon I'm still hoping to 'be part' of on March 18th (NY City Half).  I say part of because I will be unable to run this true to Gina Style i.e. losing my head in running from start to finish as fast as I can.

The PT girl looked me point blank in the face and said "If you run this race like 'normal', you WILL set yourself back".  She made her point.  Boy did she make her point.  That is the last thing I want.  Being injured is more work than being healthy and more time consuming!  I asked her "Well, what pace is that?" "9 minute miles" - well then 9 min/miles it is.   Truthfully I just want to register for the Toronto Marathon as to not let it fill up like every other good marathon does these days.  I can't do it until I'm out of the woods with this episode and back on track in terms of speed work, racing etc...but I've really learned from this experience.

I learned who to go to for what type of advice - that's for sure.  Not everyone has all of the answers- it's more about asking a lot of different experts: coaches, chiropracters, MDs, physical therapists and fellow running friends what to do and how to do it - putting it together and figuring out how that works best for my body.

This running game is constant learning.  Until I get the OK from the MD March 6th, I've been elliptical-ing my little heart out (and a biking 3X week).  I feel good though, my body feels strong and I've been eating really well and drinking (booze) much less (although with 4 beer taps in the house it's impossible to go cold turkey).  Hoping all the stars align for when I can final get back to the roads and run like 'normal'.

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