Friday, April 23, 2010

4 days later, withdrawal sets in - Up for the next 26.2

It's four days after Boston 2010 and I can see the shift in my behavior/mood already. Sleeping in, drinking beer on Thursday night, days 'off'. It's all needed right but man o man - I miss the regimen! I drank two beers on a Thursday night and I feel like a truck hit me - now granted these beers were 12 and 13% alcohol but still!

My coworkers have been among my biggest fans - I even made the Friday Morning Bagel email thats gets distributed with todays number: 3:26:43 - how long it took Gina Newton to Run the Boston Marathon - pretty damn cool. Many emails, congratulations in the hall - it was great and boy do I love the attention. I'll take it any time.

My legs feel the best they have since Monday - recovery run #1 yesterday with a hot bath after helped tremendously and I'm off to more drinking and fun with those who don't understand what I do - but it's fun to tell them about it - because most of the time, they are interested in hearing (or at least do a good job of acting like it).

I recorded a vocal race report with Mad Dog from the Goons yesterday. Getting to relive the day on Monday was awesome - I love running so much and if anything in this world besides my husband who is a diamond - it's the thing I am most grateful for.

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